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Fewer regrets



Cutting down on alcohol and avoiding regret can boost self-esteem and mean great memories of great nights.

Blacking out and being unsure of what happened can also be unnerving and upsetting. Regrets and embarrassment can happen after drinking. While we may laugh at out-of-control behaviour and drunken mistakes, behind the laughter can be a sense that we have let ourselves down, put ourselves at risk or done ourselves some harm.

Avoid the downsides of drinking

 Cutting down or quitting can help you to avoid:

  • Losing things
  • Spending more than you can afford
  • Drunk texting and sharing photos on social media
  • Blackouts and hazy memories of what you did
  • Saying things you may regret, and arguments and tension with friends and family
  • Accidents, injuries and being exploited
  • Sexual activity you may regret, as well as sexually-transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies

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More benefits

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Worried about your drinking?

If alcohol is causing you problems or you feel you are not in control of your drinking, our section Worried about your drinking? has advice.

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