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Lose weight, look better


I didn’t have bags under my eyes, my skin was smooth and healthy and I’d lost a stone, going from a size 18 to a 14¹

If you’re trying to lose weight, cutting back on alcohol can tip the scales in your favour.

A glass of wine may not seem as bad as eating a few chocolate biscuits, but your body doesn’t care where the calories come from.

Alcohol has almost the same calories per gram as pure fat

Less late-night snacking after drinks and fewer hangover junk-food binges can also help.

Read more about alcohol and your weight.

Maximise the weight-loss benefits

If you're cutting down or taking a break, use some of the time you normally spend drinking to do some exercise.

Look better

Alcohol can dry out your skin and hair, affect your eyes and aggravate skin conditions. Read more about alcohol and your looks


More benefits

Health and fitness

Sports performance

Sleep better, more energy

Mental health benefits - Improve your mood and reduce depression and anxiety

Lifestyle benefits - Better relationships, drink-free fun, fewer regrets, more money


¹ Dryathlon participant quoted in


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